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Optimizing The Surprising Rise Of Returns

  • Brand Integrity With Channel Security
  • Turning Returns Into ROI
  • Reduce Expenses
“The management & remarketing of product returns has a dramatic affect on NEW product sales and the channels they support”

- Marcus Vertun
Segue Corporation Vice President

Segue Helps Reduce  The Complexities

While most manufacturers have similar goals and encounter similar challenges, no two companies are identical. Segue adheres to foundational business practices while developing and structuring every relationship according to our partners unique objectives and hurdles.

Reverse Logistics Services


The average percentage of returns and associated costs are ever increasing. The logistics of managing them is complex and can be a distraction to their forward logistics, for most manufacturers:


Segue refurbishes to OEM spec levels and quality standards, increasing customer brand awareness and purchase satisfaction:


Returns are inevitable. How you manage them to market can be the difference between a repeat Disti/Retail customer versus one who alternatively chooses your competition or reduces/increases their buy dollars with you. Pricing strategies for at-risk inventories, that are tied to A-product sales, protects the brand and channels they serve.

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