Segue CorpCompany Highlights Environmental Benefits of Consumer Electronics Refurbishment
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Environmental Benefits of Consumer Electronics Refurbishment

This report will highlight the environmental benefits of refurbished consumer electronics and the adoption of e-Waste management. Along with increased online selling, rapid advancements in technology have resulted in an unprecedented volume of electronic waste (E-waste).


Along with increased online selling, rapid advancements in technology have resulted in an unprecedented volume of electronic waste (E-waste). Refurbished electronics, (devices that have been restored to original condition and performance) can offer significant environmental benefits for both manufacturers and consumers. This report will highlight the environmental benefits of refurbished consumer electronics, examine the refurbishing process, and explore the challenges, solutions and benefits of increasing the adoption of E-waste management and logistics.


Electronic waste contains hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can pose significant environmental and health risks when improperly disposed of. According to the Global E-waste Monitor 2020, 53.6 million metric tons of E-waste was generated worldwide in 2019, and only 17.4% was recycled. Consider the impact of these numbers as E-waste stacks year over year.


Refurbished consumer electronics offer several environmental benefits, including:

1. Extended product lifespan: Refurbishing extends the life of electronics, reducing the need for new devices to be manufactured, and ultimately decreasing E-waste.

2. Landfill reduction: Refurbishing diverts consumer electronics from landfills, reducing the amount of hazardous materials that can leach into soil and water, causing massive pollution and increased health risks.

3. Reduction in raw materials extraction and waste: Refurbishing reduces the environmental impact of raw materials extraction and waste, such as water and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and toxic waste.

4. Energy and carbon footprint savings from refurbishing vs. new device manufacturing: Refurbishing uses less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases than manufacturing new devices.

5. Increased accessibility of affordable technology for consumers: Refurbished electronics offer an affordable alternative to buying new devices, making technology more accessible to consumers who may not have the financial means to purchase new devices.


Refurbishing involves several steps, including cleaning, testing, repairing, and restoring devices to “like new” condition. Segue Corporation adheres to best-in-class refurbishing practices including:

1. Ensuring devices are full functional and meet manufacturer specifications.

2. Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing devices.

3. Replacing faulty parts with refurbished parts first and, if not available, then new parts.

4. Providing a solid warranty (shorter warranty period) and identical (same as new stock) customer support for refurbished devices.

Examples of successful refurbishing programs including Apple’s Certified Refurbished program and Razer, SteelSeries, Microsoft, and HyperX (and other OEM’s) programs.


Consumers can benefit from refurbished electronics in several ways, including:

1. Lower prices for refurbished devices: Refurbished consumer electronics are typically sold at a lower price point than new devices, making them more affordable for consumers.

2. High-quality products with warranty and customer support: Refurbished devices go through rigorous testing and repairs, ensuring they meet manufacture standards. All Segue refurbished devices come with a warranty (90 days) and consummate customer support.

NOTE: Segue experiences a 1/10 of 1% of returns for its Refurbished product sales. All units are refurbished to OEM spec level.

3. Availability of current or last generation models not available as new: Refurbished consumer electronics offer an opportunity for consumers to purchase current or older generations that my no longer be available as new. Often times customers prefer older generation models due to familiarity with the product, feature set, configuration, etc.


The rise of consumer awareness regarding environmental impact and the cost savings of refurbished consumer electronics has led to an increase in consumer adoption of such products. As a result of the refurbishing process extending the life of electronics, consumers can purchase a high-quality device at a lower price point, while also reducing their environmental footprint. To accommodate this trend, manufactures are increasingly offering refurbished products, providing warranties and customer support via contracted reverse logistics organization such as Segue Corporation.


The environmental benefits of refurbished consumer electronics are clear. Consumers can benefit from affordable and high-quality consumer electronics, while manufactures can promote sustainability practices, recoup revenue, and protect their channels. By adopting refurbished electronics process and purchases, manufactures and consumers can reduce E-waste and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.


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