Reverse Logistics

Remove the complexities.

Custom crafted, formulaic and scalable solutions for every stage of your returns process.


Our tailor made and formulaically driven solutions will help you maximize the value of every return.

  • Renovate returns procedures

  • Maximize yield on all returns with Segue Corp’s tailor made solutions.
  • Maximize returns

  • Segue remarketing strategies achieve the highest level of recovery value on all returns, each and every time.
  • Seemlessly sort, report, repair and remarket returned merchandise

  • Automated and optimized processes get your product reconciled, repaired and resold faster, easier and more profitably.


Stay up to date on all OEM-specific refurbishment requirements and product evaluation criteria with ease and without sacrificing your bottom line. Worry free management and OEM tailored return & repair solutions.

We partner with you

First, Segue outlines your reverse supply chain, pinpoints holes and designs the optimal solution for your unique requirements.

Implement the solution

We combine Omni-Chain data analytics, automation, innovation and 34 years of operational expertise to revamp your reverse logistics processes and deliver true value to your bottom line.

Maximize recovery

Finally we revamp each custom solution while maximizing the OEM’s asset recovery as each solution is designed to conform as the business grows.


Repairs are inevitable, but the way you handle them and remarket them is the difference between a repeat customer versus one who chooses your competition instead. Pricing strategies tied to and complementing new product sales protects the brand and channels they serve.

Good for you and greater for your customers.

To keep your customers coming back and your bottom line healthy – handling repairs quickly and cost effectively is crucial, how you remarket them is even more critical. Segues remarketing solutions are designed to optimize your business through reduction of time and expense, increase overall recovery, protect your brand while ensuring the highest degrees of channel security and integrity. You will have all the visibility, tools and real time data you need to confidently forecast the future in order to make educated, cost-effective decisions for your business.