Reverse Logistics

Reducing the complexities

While most manufacturers have similar goals and encounter similar challenges, no two companies are identical. Segue adheres to foundational business practices while developing and structuring every relationship according to our partners unique objectives and hurdles.


The average percentage of returns and associated costs are ever increasing. The logistics of managing them is complex and can be a distraction to their forward logistics, for most manufacturers:

  • Efficient returns procedures

  • Segue will manage your returns from receipt through resale to post-sale customer support
  • Seamlessly sort and report all channel returns

  • Know where your products are in transit and processing, with automated reconciliation, to expedite credits to your valued customers
  • Our process

  • Our processes get your product reconciled, repaired, and resold faster, and more profitably


Segue refurbishes to OEM spec levels and quality standards, increasing customer brand awareness and purchase satisfaction:

We partner with you

Segue evaluates your current reverse supply chain and then coordinates a re-design that crafts the optimal solution for your unique requirements


Combining Omni-Chain data analytics, automation, innovation, and 35 years of operational expertise in developing your reverse logistics processes to deliver maximum value to your bottom line

Maximize recovery

Segue believes that the best way to support the environment, is to re-utilize as much material as possible. Our objective is to reduce waste by utilizing as many parts from non-working units as possible. Not only are we helping sustain the planet, but we are also increasing yields of returned products and thereby, manufacturer’s ROI.


Returns are inevitable. How you manage them to market can be the difference between a repeat Disti/Retail customer versus one who alternatively chooses your competition or reduces/increases their buy dollars with you. Pricing strategies for at-risk inventories, that are tied to A-product sales, protects the brand and channels they serve.

Good for you and greater for your customers.

Segues remarketing solutions are designed to optimize your business through the reduction of time and expense, increase overall recovery, protection of your brand while ensuring the highest degrees of channel security and integrity. You will have all the visibility, tools and real time data you need to confidently forecast the future to make educated, cost-effective decisions for your business and your customers.