Segue and RIG

Segue and RIG team up to deliver superior audio for competitive gamers and streamers of all levels. RIG develops headsets delivering superior audio for competitive gamers and streamers at all levels. Join Segue and the RIG team and enhance your gaming experience!

Control the battlefield with the exceptionally engineered RIG 500 PRO HS & HX, 500 HX, 400 HX & 100 HX headset. With their lightweight exoskeletons, precisely-tuned acoustic chambers, powerful drivers and the first-ever RIG game audio dial delivering intuitive volume control, victory is at your fingertips.

nacon rig

Segue Corporation, out of Lake Forest, CA, has been custom tailoring supply chain solutions for over 34 years. Segue’s focus is on the recertification, distribution and channel management of new and recertified consumer electronics & goods. Segue works hard to reduce, re-use and recycle for each of their OEM partners and is proud to be working with NACON – RIG!