Segue CorpCompany Highlights Maximizing Supply Chain Efficiency

Maximizing Supply Chain Efficiency

In this Segue company report, learn how to optimize your forward/reverse supply chain logistics in times of economic uncertainty.

The Current Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes and challenges to commerce and associated forward/reverse logistics supply chains over the past 3 years. The overall impact is evidenced in everything from the price of gas, increased operating costs, delays in shipping and the tightening of available warehouse space (in part due to the exponential increases in on-line shopping/shipping). There are nationwide shortages in available labor, consequently driving up payroll expenses. As a result, US Inflation is at its’ highest watermark in over four decades.*  This month the Fed raised interest rates for the 8th consecutive time and has signaled that more hikes are on the way, in a continued attempt to ease inflation. They have additionally stated that they won’t be cutting interest rates at any time in 2023.**


What This Means


High interest rates slow the economy by making it more expensive for businesses and consumers to borrow money. When businesses have restricted access to money, it reduces their investment capabilities and levels out or stunts their growth. Additionally, as the economy tightens, consumers start to tighten their purse strings. The resulting decline in sales/purchased services eventually leads to reduced corporate revenues and profitability. For most companies, the first order of business is to reduce expenses. This usually begins with job cuts and layoffs, as payroll is typically a company’s largest expense center. Many major organizations have already started or are planning on conducting massive layoffs in 2023.




F/R logistics refers to the physical, administrative and financial movement of goods from the manufacturer to the customer (forward logistics) or back to the manufacturer if the product is returned (reverse logistics). Supply chain management can be the crucial component to a company’s level of success. During economically challenging times, there are several critical strategies that companies can employ to optimize their businesses:

  1. Get ahead of the curve. Frequently, manufacturers wait too long to execute strategies that can support their foreseeable, future challenges. Executing in reactive time is never as productive or effective as planning ahead.
  2. Plan for reduced internal resources. During recessionary or inflationary periods, most organizations typically find that they have fewer people, wearing more hats, and working significantly harder to keep profitability on point. Onboarding additional focused support can alleviate the challenges while optimizing profitability.
  3. Focus on the big rocks. It is critical that an organization’s activities remain highly focused on the business areas that drive as much revenue, profit and expense reduction as possible. Every second spent on non-profit centered activities places your organization at a disadvantage versus your competitors who concentrating where it matters most.
  4. Outsource your non-core, non-profit centered or distracting activities. Forward logistics while not a comparatively complicated process takes up valuable space and resources to manage. Reverse logistics, the management of inventory receipts, inventory processing, refurbishment/recertification, remarketing and scrap management are very complex business operations that can be exhaustively distracting for an OEM. Returns are never a profit center; the fundamental objective being to reduce the amount of loss associated with the returned products while ensuring that when the inventory is resold, it doesn’t negatively impact your A-stock retail and distribution channels. Your entire team and resources should remain focused on your A-stock and distribution channels, increasing your time and attention on customer service and satisfaction to optimize your organizations business endeavors and financial stability.

Key Benefits of Using a Reverse Logistics Company During times of Economic Uncertainty


Here are some of the key benefits of utilizing a Reverse Logistics organization such as Segue Corporation:

  1. Improved Inventory Management: Outsourced Forward/Reverse logistics enables companies to focus on their current manufacturing, forecasting, sales, marketing, etc. activities without the burden of complex logistics supply chain issues.
  2. Increased efficiency/less distraction/better ROI: By outsourcing forward/reverse logistics to an RL/3PL service provider such as Segue Corporation, companies can focus on their core competencies while their logistics partner handles the movement, processing, remarketing of goods (to non-competitive buyers). The results are optimized recoveries, channel protection, reduced expenses and brand protection.
  3. Efficient Risk Management: Outsourcing logistics helps companies mitigate risk by allowing them to respond to unexpected events more rapidly and effectively, during supply chain disruptions, natural disasters, and economic downturns.
  4. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: With a dedicated forward/reverse logistics service provider, companies can offer faster and more reliable delivery, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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The Segue Difference


As an industry vetted, multi-faceted, dedicated forward/reverse logistics supply chain company, Segue delivers a comprehensive menu of customizable forward/reverse and 3PL options and services that provide organizations the ability to tailor solutions that best fit their business needs and goals. Segue will provide everything you need to optimize your time, money and personnel, providing your organization more time. Money and energy to focus on the vital and necessary profit centered areas of your business.


About Segue Corp.


Headquartered in Lake Forest, CA. California, Segue Corporation is a global multi-faceted forward and reverse logistics supply-chain company. Our comprehensive, end-to-end Supply Chain solutions have been supporting the consumer and computer electronics industry and marketplace since 1988. For inquiries regarding Segue Corporation, and our comprehensive supply chain solutions, contact us by calling (949) 589-5040 or email us at: