Segue CorpWhitepapers Optimizing Returns White Paper

Optimizing Returns White Paper

Optimizing The Surprising Rise of Returns


For the past couple of years, consumer electronics and retail product returns have increased at an alarming rate throughout the merchants and OEM’s alike. With increasingly tighter margins and ferocious competitors, resolving the complexities and optimizing a solution can pay huge dividends in reducing expenses, maximizing return on investment, brand appeal coupled with customer loyalty along with channel security. The results, increased customer satisfaction leading to future revenue streams.

With changes in consumer behavior because of COVID, product returns are on the rise as traditional retail shifts to online shopping. Many customers no longer can try or test their products of interest or even look at the item before they pull the trigger on purchasing it. According to Digital Commerce 360 News consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S merchants, up 44% year over year according to estimates…

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